On Saturday Andrea, Aurelia and I visited Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany and, like Bremen, a state in its own right. Germany has a federal system of states, called Bundesländer, and sometimes large and important cities warrant ‘statehood’ in their own right. Hamburg is located on the river Elbe, and is an absolutely huge trading port with a long history of use as such. This city is BIG.

Although it isn’t as big as London, it does remind me of home whenever I visit.  This could be due to the river running through it, the prevalence of fish and chips, or the multicultural mish-mash of languages I heard as I was walking around. We met our good friend, a native German called Dorle, at the aquarium and had a lot of fun poking around the various exhibits explaining habitat, pollution and smuggling of animal products. Most of all we enjoyed gawping at the animals, of course. Aurelia was especially impressed with the crocodiles, we saw three of those, and  a huge, giant seabass who looked exceedingly grumpy.

After that, we jumped on a boat to go and get some lunch…

Well, actually, I really mean it, we had lunch on a boat. Aurelia and Andrea had fish and chips, Dorle had Flammkuchen (a bit like a rustic pizza) and I tried something new. An authentic, North-German dish called Labskaus, which looks like a sea monster but tasted a lot like corned beef hash. Anyway, I loved it and will definitely have it again. Strangely, no one else seemed to want to try some.


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