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People sometimes ask me about what I think of Brexit and this week was no exception. This week The United Kingdom began the process of leaving the European Union.

I wanted Britain to remain in the European Union and would have voted accordingly, but the electoral office in Scotland, where I used to live, lost my application.

After all, I live in Germany, I work here, I have a family and friends here, my daughter is half German. It’s in my own, selfish interest that The UK stay part of the EU. Now, with article 50 triggered, my future looks uncertain. Will I require a visa? Should we stay in Germany or go to Britain? Is that a choice I am in an informed position to make? What’s best for my family? Where are the jobs? Where is my future?

Brexit has certainly raised more questions than it has answered.

But on referendum day I understood why my countrymen had voted to leave. Every year the UK pays a lot of money into the EU, every year the EU tells the UK what laws to follow, who it can trade with, who can enter and leave.

The EU seems to make a  lot of sense for the poorer countries, but richer ones?

The UK wants a different future to that of the EU. The EU seeks to unite Europe under a common flag, anthem, currency, court, parliament, law… it all sounds very noble. Maybe it is, but we are not all the same.

Take healthcare. A publicly-insured German can expect to pay several hundred euros per month for medical care (over 15% of their income). If they require treatment they might have to pay a deductible. Medicine, prescriptions, examinations, advice and appointments, everything seems to cost just a little bit extra.

A Briton can go to hospital for free. See their doctor for free. Get medicine for £8.40 rather than hundreds of pounds. Now imagine having to extending that privilege to every single person who comes to the UK through EU law.

The EU is a big government making big decisions…

It seems to make a lot of sense for the big people, but the little ones?

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