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Destroying my old PC

Way back in the good old days of 2007 I bought myself a new tower PC from bigpockets. They used to have a great selection of self-assembled PCs which were competitively priced and shipped without an operating system, thus saving costs and lowering prices. Sadly, their website seems to be a little different these days.

My old PC came with 2GB RAM, an AMD Athlon 4800+, a Geforce 8600 GT…

Maybe I shouldn’t bore you with the tech specs too much! Suffice to say, for 2007 it was a pretty powerful PC. I’ve had it 10 years now and, having spent far too much time trying to upgrade it with new RAM, HDDs and various bits and pieces, I have given up. I tried to sell it for 50 euros. No takers.

I’d had everything from XP to Windows 10 on it.


The first step was to take a screwdriver and dismantle everything, the case came apart, the HDDs out, DVD ROM out, the memory card reader out, the power supply out, RAM, processor and everything else followed suit. Out came the motherboard, out came the graphics card.

I purposefully bent every pin on the processor. I took apart each HDD and removed the patters, which I magnetized and then scratched up. I ripped out every wire from the main board hard enough to take circuitry with it. I broke the RAM neatly in half and just basically wrecked everything else.

It was honestly a great feeling. After treating this PC with so much reverence and respect for so many years, it was great to do the complete opposite. Have you ever noticed how a motherboard looks a bit like a city? I was Godzilla.


I can’t pretend that I will miss it. Yes, we had some good times together but it’s been languishing in my cellar for well over a year now. I think I’ve done the humane thing.


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