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Eurovision Song Contest

Just a short post today, it’s Mother’s Day and there’s lots to do!

Last night Portugal won the Eurovision song contest for the first time. Britain did much better than usual with a song called ‘Never Give Up On You’ by Farage and the Brexiteers Lucie Jones. Still didn’t win though. Germany did abysmally, coming second from last with something very forgettable. Beaten by Australia and Israel! At Eurovision!

Maybe they should have sent Bibi H instead…

It got me to thinking about the music here in Germany, and whether it’s very different from the UK or USA. Well the answer is jein (that’s ‘yeeeee-no’, for non-Germans). Ask a German and they’ll say yes, of course, we have Schlager! Schlager is pop music. People may insist that it isn’t, that it’s somehow special, magic German pop music but it is not.

What’s much more interesting is German gangsta rap, not because it’s different from any other gangsta rap but rather because it’s German. The stereotypical German is an über-productive, rule-following realist. Not very gangsta.

Having said that, the stereotypical Briton is a tea-drinking, bowler-hat-wearing, mild-mannered, perpetually-rained-upon gentleman. Also not very gangsta.

Generally the music is pretty similar, or so it seems. What do you think, did I miss something?

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