englishman abroad

It is boiling and I am being eaten by mosquitoes

Jaderberg is in the middle of nowhere and I’d only ever been there with my family to visit the Jaderpark. That was true until last weekend when, as my wife and child were on Girls’ Holiday in Holland, I went there with my friends and colleagues to a birthday garden party. The weather was fantastic, wine flowed freely and there was a BBQ with ribs and all sorts. There were plenty of Germans, naturally. There were also 3 Americans, 2 Barbadians, one Dutch and I, the solitary Briton. I was very much a stereotype – A pasty white Englander who couldn’t handle the heat. I would have very much appreciated some light drizzle and a grey sky. It was boiling.

Normally I don’t go in for shorts and a T-shirt but it’s a necessity in this weather. We must have had about thirty-something degrees. We partied late into the evening and it was at this point that the winged beasts descended upon us. I really must have some quite delicious blood as I was clearly the favourite, my legs and arms are an absolute catastrophe of bites and red marks.

I’ve invested in some mosquito repellent for next time.

We’re heading off to Tenerife in a month so perhaps I should look into a knotted hanky and a Union Jack towel, just to really play up the stereotype of an Englishman abroad.

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