Anxiety and frustration in the day-to-day lives of British abroad

I’d just like to share this great post from Professor Karen O’Reilly, in which she sums up a selection of British expat perspectives on Brexit (including my own).

Anyone interested in reading more about, or taking part in, the project can do so at: brexitbritsabroad.com

Brexit Brits Abroad

In the few short portraits our Citizens’ Panel members have sent us so far (meet the Brits in Europe) we already begin to see how important Brexit is in the day-to-day lives of British people living abroad.  Michaela and I have only been working on this project for a little over a month and we are shocked and moved by the effects the decision is having on people’s lives. Some of these portraits are quite painful to read or to listen to.

First, these portraits illustrate some of the diversity of British people living abroad, with students represented here as well as retired people, those working self-employed and those running large companies, young single people and families. Despite this diversity, a common theme in the portraits is the confusion and frustration around Brexit and how it will impact on their lives. The vote to leave the EU is described…

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