Becoming German, englishman abroad

Halfway there

Well, I got my results back for the first of the two tests that I need to pass in order to get German citizenship. The DTZ (Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer) language test is in, and I passed. I don’t want to to boast, but I was one point off 100%.

Ok, Ok! That actually sounds a lot more impressive than it really is, it was only a B1 level test. Still, acing a test at one level typically means you are at least the level above it (B2). So that’s me happy. I can speak sufficient German to survive in Germany in everyday life.

All I need to do now is sit tight, and await the results of my Citizenship Test (Einbürgerungstest).

6 thoughts on “Halfway there”

  1. Hello, I want to ask something. Is it possible to take DTZ Exam without Integrationkurs? Because I want to learn German by my self and directly take exam.

    Should I Make Einbürgerung Test too?

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    1. Yes, it’s possible! that’s exactly what I did! Call up the test centre and make an appointment, if your German is already good enough. If you want to become a citizen of Germany, then yes, I think that doing the Einbürgerung Test is also necessary. I can’t guarantee anything though, and you should speak to your local Ausländerbehörde or similar to be sure.


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